Pet Shop Guys II: Wandering on Hennessy Road 寵物店伙計 II:遊蕩軒尼詩

Curated by Martin Goya Business

September 30 – October 17, 2020

MINE PROJECT is pleased to present the group exhibition Pet Shop Guys II: Wandering on Hennessy Road, curated by Martin Goya Business (MGB). The show will be on view from September 30 through October 17.

“Pet Shop Guys” is a series of themed exhibitions MGB has curated in the last several years. It centers around humor and a magnetic wave visual system that send fresh and diverse creative groups of young artists across cities, regions and cultures. The name is inspired by the British electronic group Pet Shop Boys, known for their rhythmic and playful pioneering music.

Following the exhibition held in Tokyo earlier this year, MGB has embarked on a new journey to Hong Kong. Like an old movie of bygone times, winding Hennessy Road awakens memories of the city, memories of the harbor and the food, desire and beauty. Featuring four young artists, Zheng Tianming (b.1987), PAPAPEPIA (b.1987), Chen Gaojie (b.1993), and Melting Wang (b.1990), this exhibition introduces their latest works, opening a new chapter for the “Pet Shop Guys” at MINE PROJECT.

About the Artists:
Zheng Tianming (b.1987, Heilongjiang, China) works in painting, installation, and digital media. Paying attention to the impact of consumerism and pop culture, he samples from and collages reconstructed images from the network and the everyday.

Zheng received his BFA from China Academy of Art in 2010 and MFA from Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia in 2013. He works and lives in Shanghai.

PAPAPEPIA (b.1987, Hangzhou, China) explores the mysterious connection between the primitive linguistic unit and its audiovisual counterpart. Choosing “A” (pronounced “Ah”) as his creative matrix, he combines and redefines different images and meanings that function as the genes of his work.

PAPAPEPIA received his BFA from China Academy of Art in 2010 and MFA from Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in 2015. He lives and works in Hangzhou.

Chen Gaojie (b.1993, Fujian, China) takes painting as his sole practice. His series “Lu Ma” creates a mysterious paradise in which reality and illusion converge, its name culled from the village where the artist grew up. Through hedonistic games, he expresses thoughts, desires, and indescribable life experiences, which nourish the parallel reality of “Lu Ma.”

Chen received his BFA from China Academy of Art in 2015. He works and lives in Hangzhou.

Wang Yuchen (b.1990, Inner Mongolia, China) works in painting, design, video, and site-specific and process-driven installation. Since 2015, Wang has worked under the cyber-avatar Melting Wang, observing the essence of life in the internet age and the gulf between online and offline. His works are a playful mapping and an act of resistance against the same forces.

Wang received his MFA from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan from 2017, following his BFA from the Florence Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. He works and lives in Beijing.