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Dario Guccio

May 2–June 8, 2019

MINE PROJECT is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Dario Guccio for the duration of May 2 to June 8, 2019.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

Coco Chanel

In fashion, the best work has been done by scissors, cutters and nowadays also lasers, which can cut and cut alive materials and fabrics of every kind, as well as convoluted and fairly complicated shapes, with great accuracy. It is a revolutionary process, which Rei Kawakubo then evolves further, putting in the background every burden of fit and functionality to make the dress a sculpture, or a two-dimensional design, or a flat shape like a pillowcase, or a three-dimensional self-supporting structure like an object, an ornament, a piece of design. A dress to inhabit, to wear, but also to contemplate, which enchants with its rounded or asymmetrical lines, its cuts, and its overripe. Its parts unexpectedly padded, raised, draped, turned upside down, and with its fabric and non- woven liasons, plastic, nylon, and eco-leather.

Dario Guccio, a young Italian artist, enters the scene. Combining his culture and practice of comics, a way of telling stories by superimposing characters and actions on backgrounds, situations or landscapes. Flat images constructed by positioning the scenes in the frames of the strips, in the manner of a theatrical set designer, who short-circuited with his fascination for fashion, for glamor and all his references, his instruments, his distinctive features. From cosmetics to make-up, and from clothes to accessories.

Here we will also add the automatic, almost involuntary associations with the innovations of the history of modern art that are similar to the artist. The rounded contours of the subjects in the Futurist works by Giacomo Balla and Fortunato Depero, The Papier Decoupé by Henri Matisse, the clean and continuous sign of Jean Cocteau’s drawings, The Teatrini by Lucio Fontana, and Italian Pop by Mario Ceroili and Giosetta Fioroni, with its silhouetted figures, cut out of wood or as drawn with stencils on paper.

This is the secret recipe for the large ecoleather paintings by Dario Guccio, which have the colors of powder or baby pink and bright red from lipstick. Inlaying silhouette, cutout of heads, female figures, wigs or even organisms, macroscale cells, like abstract corollas in faux leather and transparent and glossy vinyl, evocative of imaginaries from beauty products.

Silhouettes that look like paper patterns, fashion and fictional cuttings, clear excerpts of visionariness pinned to the picture with rows of enamel-painted nails in different colors. A cyberpunk note, “very trendy”, which today is spreading in the design of models and signed accessories. Thinking again about hanging fashion or pinned in the marvelous flagship store windows. A fashion that is everything and is everywhere: in the sky, in the streets, in our ideas, in our way of life, and also in the dry cleaning.

(Essay by Mariuccia Casadio, Art Editor of Vogue Italia)


About the artist

Dario Guccio (b. 1988, Napoli, Italy) was influenced by the Italian masters, is reinvigorating the aesthetics of both zero and dada.

Guccio’s production consists of compositions of stylized images of human figures produced using cutouts, layers and stitched sheets of synthetic leather and card. Silhouetted bodies, faces in profile and anthropomorphic forms overlap, penetrate and conceal one another in turn, suggesting an intimacy comparable only to two skins brushing against each other. Poised between abstraction and figuration, these compositions encroach upon a mythological dimension. The figure of the woman, mother and lover, which is one of the most recurrent features in Guccio’s iconography, accompanied by references to Italian Modernism—the work of Lucio Fontana, Agostino Bonalumi and Paolo Scheggi, among others—suggests an interpretation of his works as a fragmented mythology of creation, which intersects the accounts of the artist’s birth and the formalization of his creative language.

Dario Guccio received his BFA from Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in 2013.

The artist currently lives and works in Milan.




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