Fabien Adèle

August 26–September 25, 2021

MINE PROJECT is pleased to present “Distraction,” the first exhibition of Paris-based artist Fabien Adèle with the gallery and in Asia. This solo exhibition showcases his latest oil-on-linen paintings of seemingly statuesque figures that speak to each other in an esoteric fashion. Audience can expect whimsical colours and emotional textures from the paintings influenced by surrealism and sensitive experiences.

A thoughtful portrayal of the artist’s fluid creative process, all works were created simultaneously in 2021 featuring bodies stretched, hidden, or incorporated into the elements, reflecting their surrounding environment. The outdoor and domestic landscapes of blurred masses, often set on a horizon line, are only ever slightly described as the subjects’ body gestures influence and dominate the flow of the scenes.

However, these characters seem rather preoccupied in contemplation, unavailable to the viewer’s direct gaze with a collective body language that is diverted and closed. Adèle encourages the viewer to let their imagination run wild, extending their mind’s landscape outside the frame to where the figures’ gazes land untold.

In “Distraction,” the paintings being simultaneously created means that they have a tightly intertwined relationship in the artist’s imagination, particularly in the way the bodies integrate and the tone evolves throughout the creative process. The figures are inspired and birthed by elements from Adèle’s life, his own sensations in everyday life, as well as his reinterpreted dreams.

Walk through the exhibition and read it in the chronological order of a long day—feel the evolution of light start from blue and green cameos to the warm glows of interior spaces in the nighttime. Towards the end, the bodies become raveled, resonating with the artist’s way of thinking and composing the work.

To Adèle, these figures are the carriers of light, informing the rest of the painting to which they belong and evolve; and in the meantime, giving him the resources and curiosity to create the next piece instinctively in correspondence to their individual stories. The bodies and the spaces are composed to communicate, as the paintings form an intricate balance that brings the entire exhibition together.


About the artist

Fabien Adèle (b. 1993, France) operates his paintings under the influence of Surrealism, focuses on the means of representation of memories and sensitive experiences and how they can translate to tangible support.

Adèle received his BA Degree in Visual Art from Montpellier University in 2017 and Master Degree in Art, Design, Media’s History and Multimedia Design from Sorbonne University in 2019.

The artist currently lives and works in Paris.

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