Bubbly Hills

Owen Fu

April 17–June 6, 2020

MINE PROJECT is proud to announce “Bubbly Hills,” a solo exhibition of works by the Los Angeles-based artist Owen Fu. It is his debut exhibition with the gallery and his first solo show in Asia.

Owen’s works are derived from his observation of the world which contains the double entendre nature with art historical and contemporary reference, sincerity and humour, quirkiness and poeticism. Of all the elements that make a painterly vision, for Owen its line that dominates. His paintings put the viewer into a state of flow, moving effortlessly through and across his intuitive use of line, structure, and faux-naïveté.

Love Mirage
Fantasy warm chocolate cake with Double Rainbow vanilla bean ice cream (1180 cal)
you can see it, but barely touch it.
If you try to taste it, just disappeared in mouth like a bubble, nothing left.

Greasy Middle age
My mom called me “greasy middle age,”
so browsing on the dating apps,
I am daddy-looking baby, or baby-looking daddy.

Based on the true story
What’s story? There is no story.
There used be a story about telling “no,” but now there is no story.
“No” is the safe-word I used to avoid the part he didn’t accept.

Still Hanging
I used to wonder if there are places make people to lose their self-awareness.
Now quarantined at home,
I am still hanging on Pornhub, but for how long?

Happily ever after
The fairy tales are ended up with
“happily ever after.”
Finally, we are living in Bubbly Hills.


About the Artist

Owen Fu (b. 1988, Guilin, China) received his MFA from ArtCenter College of Design in 2018, following his bachelor study in Philosophy at Stony Brook 2010–13 and art practice at School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2013–16.

The artist currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


Instagram: @owen_q_fu

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