Xiong Jiaxiang 熊佳翔

Xiong Jiaxiang (b. 1991, Shanghai, China) focuses on the mixed media of image installation and has long investigated the conditions and impact of image production. His works create dialogues with key pieces in art history and combine his own ideas with those of historically important artists while contradicting them by his own personal practices.

In his recent works, Xiong Jiaxiang draws materials from the banality of everyday life, focusing on the fluid relationship between the material reality and the virtual nature of images, bodies, and spaces and presenting the paradoxical dilemmas of contemporary life from the perspectives of affection and politics, data and the everydayness of life. Xiong Jiaxiang uses an ethereal, dynamic narrative approach to describe the world and constructs a virtual initiative to create images, a new sensual connection with the world. In his view, the “fracture” among images is the place storing the poetics.

Xiong Jiaxiang received his MFA in Free Art Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bremen, Germany in 2018. The artist currently lives and works in Beijing.

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