Xiong Jiaxiang 熊佳翔

Xiong Jiaxiang (b.1991, Shanghai, China) focuses on the creation of image installation in mixed media. He has long investigated the conditions of image production and its impact. His works are always in dialogue with important works in the history of art. While he combines his thoughts with the ideas of important artists in history, he contradicts them and puts them into practice very personally.

Fabric-based everyday items are the symbol of Xiong’s practice. They are used to trigger collective and personal memory and social history, put attention on and capture the generation of the body, virtual and reality. His works present the contradictory dilemma in contemporary people’s life and examine cultural phenomena such as pop culture and the physical nature, everyday nature and landscape of life. They are metaphors for capturing the “Liquid Modernity” that exists in contemporary society because of the globalization of capital, and opposes the abstract universality brought by globalization. Xiong Jiaxiang uses an elegant and dynamic narrative method to describe the world, as well as the virtual initiative he holds in himself to create images, creating a new emotional connection with the world. In his view, the “rupture” between the images is the place where poetry is stored.

Xiong Jiaxiang received his MFA in 2018 from the University of the Arts Bremen. The artist currently lives and works in Beijing.

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